What Should I Do On My Boyfriends Birthday?

So, your boyfriend’s birthday comes next week but you still have no idea what to do. As your boyfriend is half of your heart, you surely want to give him something special on his birthday. As there are a lot of options, we can help you think of gifts that are most suitable for him. You probably need to go for a specific item he loves. For example, if they love a unique item, go check charging wallets in case he needs both a power bank and wallet.

Understand your boyfriend’s personality
Before you decide what to do, you probably known that there are 16 personalities in this world. The theory was discovered in the 1920s by C. Jung and later co-authored by Katharine Cook Briggs. If you haven’t taken the test, it’s a great idea for you to go to https://www.16personalities.com and take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). After you have figured out your boyfriend’s personality, you can then decide what kind of gift is best for him. You can also learn more by checking out Jean Kummerow’s video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBkIyJ7kf_I

Birthday Ideas
There’s a lot to give on his birthday. It not just a fancy gift or a fancy dinner, but there’s more than that. Actually, based on his personality, there are 4 types of gifts that you can choose from.

1. Birthday Gift
If you’re planning to buy a gift for your boyfriend, make sure he falls into the analyst recipient category. It includes INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP. INTJ is the one that loves gifts so much, so you’d better get him one on his birthday.
This is similar to ENTJ and ENTP. You need to research what he really wants to make him appreciate what you bought. The more unique and personalized your gift is, the more he likes it. Meanwhile, INTP enjoys simpler things. This type will be happier if you buy him his favorite food instead of expensive watches. An expensive gift will somehow give pressure to him as he thinks he is responsible to give back what you gave.

2. Love and Care
Diplomat recipients are the type of personality that appreciates the act of loving and caring rather than a fancy gift. INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, and ENFP fall into this category. If your boyfriend is INFP and cannot do the chore, it is better to give him a hand and make his apartment neat again. It will show him your love and care. Meanwhile, ENFJ type would love to be taken out to the park nearby because they love nature so much. Different with ENFJ, INFJ loves books so much that it will make them happier by bringing their favorite book to life.

3. Plan to go out
Explorer recipients love journeys so much. ESTP probably loves exciting sports such as water rafting, rock climbing, or snowboarding. They will appreciate the experience more than material things. Meanwhile, ESFP has his own way to have fun. You may want to take him to party all night on his birthday. On the other hand, ISTP type loves to spend his time alone. A ticket to watch his favorite movie will be a good birthday gift. Meanwhile, ISFP loves to treasure beauty. If your boyfriend finds beauty in nature, you may want to take him to see a beautiful waterfall nearby or go horse-riding with him.

4. Quality time
Other types love to spend time together and go nostalgic about their past. ESFJ loves to go back in time. This type likes classic things and preserves memories. If your boyfriend is an ESFJ, a reunion with his old friend will be a great gift idea. Meanwhile, ESTJ loves quality over quantity. You may want to take them to an escape room and play together as a couple.

ISFJs love what they already know and it is better to avoid getting them what they don’t know. As this type loves to stay at home more than going out, planning a dinner at your house will be a great idea. Meanwhile, ISTJ will not enjoy birthday surprises as he is a simple man. One great idea is to bring back the old and beautiful memories. For example, together you can visit his favorite place when he was a kid, or re-create his favorite meals that his mom usually cooks him.

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